What’s on?

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Dew & a Brew - $16

Tullamore Dew & a Pabst Blue Ribbon.

4pm - 7pm Everyday.


Negroni happy hour

Classic Negroni.

$15 from 4pm - 6pm Wednesday - Saturday



(5 pieces per serving)

Pork $14

Chicken $14

Vegan $14

Prawn $16


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  • Jensen’s Dry Gin - $14

  • Irish Coffee - $17

  • Macallan 18YO - $58

  • Black Nikka Special - $13

  • Naud 15YO Panama Rum - $13

  • Togouchi Kiwami - $14

  • Togouchi 9YO - $19

  • Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout & Woodford Reserve Nip - $30


Cocktail courses

We run cocktail classes every Saturday* from 2pm. Bookings absolutely essential.

Our package is $85 per head, and is a masterclass of sorts, depending on what you'd like to learn. We can make it as fun, informative, educational or enjoyable as you'd like!

It includes a sparkling, beer or wine on arrival, as well as two classics of your choice that we'll teach you, followed by a collaborative cocktail of the groups choice, so you can describe your dream drink and we can help make it a reality for the group to try!

We also include a light grazing platter for you to enjoy throughout the afternoon.

We ask for a 10% deposit upon booking so we can save and prepare the space for you, so book ahead and we’ll make it an afternoon to remember!

*We can facilitate private masterclasses any day of the week, contact us via info@thekoutetsu.com to arrange a time or date.


Spirit world tours

We run spirit world tours every Saturday* from 2pm. Bookings absolutely essential.

Are you a whisky connoisseur, a gin enthusiast or maybe even a rum fanatic? Why not try one of our spirits tasting experiences?

Fully customisable to suit your pallet or interests, we’ll organise a selection of 3-5 spirits of your choosing, teach you all about the history of the product, where it’s from and how it’s made, and of course let you taste them all along the way.

We’ll finish it off with a light grazing platter at the conclusion of the world tour.

Approx. 1hr in duration.

Prices vary depending on the package you’re after.

*We can facilitate private tastings any day of the week, contact us via info@thekoutetsu.com to arrange a time or date.

Open Wed - Sat // 4pm - 12am ~~ PH: 0431760025 ~~ Email: info@thekoutetsu.com